Natural History Museum: Believably Unbelievable.

Subway: No sandwich discontinued.

Etsy: A home out of nothing.

Brewdog: 0.5% your drunken self.

Bourbon Biscuits: You're welcome oreo.

Toblerone: The only mountain worth conquering.

HSBC Online Banking: Expert level Hacking.

Pret A Manger: More Prets than public toilets.

Dictionary: The book that can't lie.

Reebok: Style that comes back around. 

Nytol: People talk too much.

Rustlers: Micro-biology.

Co-op Funeral: An introverts dream.

Scharzkopf: Step one when you're on the run. There are lonelier things than you.

The Famous Grouse: Nobody questions a whiskey drinker.

Jungle Formula Insect Repellent: How to kill a serial killer.